Congressional Candidates Visit Caldwell County

It is a long time before the Republican primaries, but the contest to become the Republican candidate for Congressman for our new District 11 is heating up.  So far I have had the opportunity to meet three good, conservative men who know that voters in Caldwell County are critical to their success, Dan Eichenbaum, Vance Patterson, and Mark Meadows. Others are running as well.  The winner will go up against the current District 11 Congressman Shuler, a Democrat.

Caldwell County has a significant majority of Republicans, more than all but Henderson County of the 17 counties in District 11.  Our votes are not only going to be important in the May primaries, but even more critical in November 2012 in the critical attempt to unseat liberals Governor Perdue and President Obama.  Tonight I heard that Obama is now committed to spending $50 million to try to hold onto North Carolina.  That is why he chose Charlotte as the location for the Democratic National Convention.  We are a swing state.

Because of our number of registered Republicans and conservative independent voters, Caldwell County is pivotal in helping Republicans win the state.  We must ensure a high voter turnout to balance the high number of Democrats in the urban counties.

Precinct 31 Republicans, commit now to helping to insure we get out 100% of our Republican voters in 2012! Get informed, get involved, and VOTE.

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Welfare Reform 2011

‎15 years ago today, Congressional Republicans and President Clinton enacted welfare reforms that emphasized work as the path out of welfare dependence. Clinton famously declared these changes would “end welfare as we know it,” and in fact millions of families have moved off TANF and into jobs and self-sufficiency. Despite these successes, more remains to be done.

For more information, visit RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC), and Rep. Scott Garrett …
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Obama Forcing Federal Curriculum Standards Podcast

Federal Education Standards Coming SoonCato Institute Daily Podcast


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An easy way to understand solutions to our debt

Here is an excellent, short video that demonstrates what our debt and all the proposed changes really mean.

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“I am here from the government…”

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Marco Rubio says “Save the Country”

Listen to Marco Rubio speaking in the Senate about our financial crisis.  He makes so much sense it makes me wonder why this has to be an exception rather than the norm for our politicians–an no teleprompter!  Sen. Kerry futilely tries to rationalize Democrat comments and negative votes against raising the debt limit in 2006 (including Obama, Biden, and Reid) as being just “symbolic” because they new their negative votes wouldn’t actually stop the raising of the debt limit, but this time the Republican negative votes may actually stop it.  I was yelling at my computer.  That is precisely what is wrong with Washington.  “We only acted that way because we knew it wouldn’t count.”  Marco Rubio does a good job in his address.

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RNC’s “Change Direction Part 4” Hits North Carolina

From NC Republican Party.

The last Change Direction ad in the series highlights what our county might be facing if President Obama is re-elected in 2012.  “Change Direction Part 4” hit North Carolina airwaves on Wednesday, and is another example of the importance of North Carolina in 2012.

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