Lower Creek Precinct 31–Are We Ready For 2016?

I believe the old saying, “All politics is local.” Front Porch Politics Precinct 31 was created to bring this saying to life for those of us Republicans who live in Caldwell County Lower Creek Precinct 31.  I invite you to come on up on the Porch for a glass of sweet tea, a sprig of mint, and some good political conversation. On the Porch you will find posts about our local politicians, notices of meetings and events, and reports of what occurs from a conservative point of view.  I will post information about what is going on in Raleigh that may affect us and maybe an occasional post about national events and politics.  However, the emphasis of the Porch are those local issues that you and friends would want to talk about on a warm summer evening. You can use the Porch to post political questions, issues, or concerns.  I may be able to help by contacting our local or state political leaders to let them know what concerns the voters in our precinct have or get answers to your questions.  If there is enough interest, we can have meetings inviting our elected officials or candidates for office to meet with us. I encourage you to get informed and get involved.  The 2012 elections will be about trying to take our country back.  All the good people in Precinct 31 should be prepared to step up and do our part.  By working together in our neighborhoods we can change our country!

Nicole Revels, Precinct 31 Chairman

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